Tuesday, 20 March 2012

L? O? V? E?

The most coveted life-experience...

Some people believe we’re put on this earth to find a soulmate, someone to cling to forever. Some feel it’s all about money and prestige. But it’s mostly yet set to believe that the purpose of life is to find that ubiquitious feeling that is ever so universal; Love.
Only very few people feel the real meaning of love. There are so many connotations of what love really is. Love for another soul, to be intertwined with; Love for a friend, appreciative of another ones soul; Love for family, the souls that mirror ourselves.

With every aspect of what love is, there is always the inevitable emotional connection. Some choose to dedicate all their emotional and physical energy into what could result in the feeling of love.

You see
 millions of teenagers and adults going through the motions of ups and downs all because they try to find love. Songs, books, movies are made over this emotional notion. Now you see the importance of love in ones existence.

I understand that love is left for an
ambiguous nature; allowing individuals to feel 'what they feel'. I understand love is not just between a man and a woman, but I can never quite grasp of the outcomes that makes all the pain, work and sacrifice worth enduring.

I'll admit, I have been in love and it was the most beautiful thing. From another perspective, I lost focus of who I was to myself and what I had always wanted to do. This could be blamed that perhaps I wasn't 'strong' enough to be emotionally independent and belong to another heart, but I don't think I saw these things because I was blinded by the love I was experience.

But I sit here and wonder to be honest…
Is it really worth it? Is love SO amazing that we allow it to be detrimental for everything else in life?

Better yet,What is love?
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