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Australian Pop in 2012

I find it extremely bizarre that I haven't written about music, which is what I'm always obsessed with so I decided to put our girls of pop under the scope today. For 2012, we are already going into the end of the first trimester of the year and pop music has dramatically changed.

In Australia, there are 3 well known ladies that are ready to explode the pop scene with their new music efforts. The once abundant Australian pop scene is now filled with a diverse selection of euphoric pop mediums. I give you Ricki-Lee Coulter, Jessica Mauboy & Delta Goodrem.

Ricki-Lee has just been on some fantastic adrenaline rush, with a complete revamping of her image and sound. She officially had her 'comeback' in the later months of 2011 with 'Raining Diamonds' and now busting into 2012 with her new single 'Do It Like That'. Ricki-Lee certainly is deemed as an Australian treasure, which international success just beckons at her call. She is not an answer to any current pop-star but a calling for herself.

'Do It Like That' is yet to storm the charts, as promotion for this poptastic song is all happening this month. The ballistic, infectious song is accompanied by a fantastic video with loads of extras and an simple yet effective dance routine that will have all the girls and boys imitating. I'm excited to hear some more of Ricki-Lee this year as I was very disappointed that her 2009 album with the singles 'Don't Miss You' and 'Hear No, See No, Speak No' was unfortunately not released.

I'm very excited to be writing about the return of our Australian sweetheart, Delta Goodrem. Since her debut in 2002 with 'I Don't Care', then being 'Nina' on Neighbours then blasting us all away with 'Born To Try' and EVERYTHING she did after that, her fans have all 'grown up' with her as her career has flourished.

Personal life aside, it has been FIVE years since Delta's last release, which nowadays is pretty much 20 years considering how the industry has changed. But luckily she is BACK with new single 'Sitting On Top Of The World'

It's a very catchy, current pop track that creates euphoria with every listen. It's incredibly uplifting and has a sense of endearment which feels like Delta has never left us for 5 years, yet just waking up from a long beauty sleep to which Delta has flourished in as well. She graces into her age with a refreshing demure fashion sense which proves that she's still Australia's best top role model.

Alongside her comeback, Delta is returning to television as a judge for Nine's new talent show 'The Voice' - which is famous in the US for reinvigorating Christina Aguilera's career. On the Voice, we will see Delta mentor some pop star hopefuls to become the next 'Voice'.

One songstress who has been making Australia proud is the beautiful Jessica Mauboy. I feel somewhat biased when I write about Jessica because of personal relations but I must insist that I write from a completely objective view. Now, Jessica is a rare quality in the modern music industry as she remains completely humble and sincere to her people.

Jessica is of Aboriginal and Indonesian descent to which without hassle, she has a cultural responsibility. She has a cultural awareness that makes Jessica seem like she's not a famous pop star, but your mate that you could find at any BBQ, knocking the froth off a few stubbies out the back.

She is one of the few Australian pop singers in the past couple of years who has not left a void in the market, constantly releasing her amazing singles gaining new fans with each one. Despite what some would call an 'embarrassing' comeback single with US rapper Snoop Dogg, 'Get 'Em Girls' (also releasing the album of the same name), she has continued to charm Australia with her recent singles 'Inescapable' and the inevitable collaboration with fellow Sony partner Stan Walker, 'Galaxy'.

Jessica will make an incredible comeback in the next couple of months with her new movie starring alongside Deborah Mailman in 'The Sapphires', about an Indigenous girl group to which Jessica will play one of the group members. This film is certainly anticipated among Australian pop culture as well as Indigenous communities.

Finally, Jessica has exclusively stated that she has a 'comeback single' coming in May which will enlighten all fans who are eagerly waiting Jessica's next move.

So there you have it, a comforting assurance that pop in Australia will continue and remain ignited as we wade into the 'last year on earth'.
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