Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Hello to all that will be reading my blog in times to come.
Me at the 2011 Deadly Awards
My name is Blake Tatafu, but I usually have spelt it as Blayke - with the additional 'Y'.
I have started this blog as a 'digital focus point' where I simply write down my thoughts and theories on certain issues that are at Australia's consumption.
I am an Aboriginal and Tongan-Hawaiian boy/man. My mother's family (Smith) are from Trangi (Wiradjuri) and Kempsy (Daingatti) and Dads heritage comes from the Polynesian Island's of Tonga and Hawaii. I am proud of my culture and of my people of it.
My personal motto is: "Aspire to Inspire". This came about compliments recieved for successes that I have experienced. I then thought, Why can't everyone do this/that? So I aim to be an inspiration to my people out there.
Me and friend, Jessica Mauboy
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Community & Social Development at University of Western Sydney (UWS). I plan to pick up another degree in the area of Psychology; which learnt through recent times, is my passion for learning.
At UWS I am the president of the Indigenous Student Collective; a student-operated union that advocates for Indigenous students at UWS, which I had established last year (2011). I am also an Indigenous Mentor, where I visit High Schools in Western Sydney to be able to mentor Indigenous students with their life and the obstacles/successes that come with being a teenager.
I have been enthralled by music since I was young enough to remember. I love all genres and currently am fascinated by the Korean Music Industry, they really are the full package of what being a 'Pop Idol' is all about. I also really love New Age music, like Zen music, Enya etc.
My posts will vary from subject to subject but I will try to be as concise as possible.
Thanks for reading this much, please anticipate further posts!

Blayke Tatafu Web Developer

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  1. Blayke,

    This is amazing, you are amazing you truly are an inspiration, enjoyed reading and interested in what ever is coming up next for you.

    x Lynzie Jade x