Thursday, 26 July 2012

MUSIC REVIEW: The Sapphires


When holding The Sapphires: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack in my hands tonight I felt a surge of pure Motown energy, this being from all the bits and pieces of previews of this upcoming Australian movie which boasts an exquisite array of home-grown talent. The Soundtrack, completely delivers in the same fashion. 

The album has Australian pop sweetheart Jessica Mauboy leading 7 of the 16 tracks, which includes her new single 'Gotcha', which is just a taster of the classic, smooth sounds of 'The Sapphires'. If Miss Mauboy wasn't enough talent on one CD, try adding classic R&B legends Sam & Dave with the sassy trio, The Emotions with a twist of rock from Creedence Clearwater Revival completed with more wholesome Australian talent from Lou Bennett, Juanita Tippens, Jade Macrae and talent show 'The Voice''s favourite, Darren Pericival. If you're not impressed, you're on the wrong page!

As if counting into the album beginning the long awaited anticipation for the soundtrack, Mauboy opens up with 'Land of A Thousand Dances' (made famous by Wilson Pickett) shouting and singing '1-2-3!' in an echo of power bringing listeners into a retrograde era of the swingin' 60's.

Fans will be impressed with the invigorated and refreshed Mauboy, showcasing a new side to her diversely talented voice, especially on 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' which shows her inner diva, as if she were channeling the power of a Motown goddess. Whilst on a upbeat high, the soundtrack gives the ladies a forefront spotlight in 'What A Man', a anthem of cheer and the moves of bump and grind.

Classic favourite 'I Can't Help Myself' with the infectious chants of "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch" will keep your feet moving or tapping which gives everyone the opportunity to sing to their loved ones in the melodies reminiscent of the 1960's, which was all about love. Subsequent tracks 'Who's Loving You' and 'I'll Take You There' continue the flow and essence to the subject of love. Jessica Mauboy should be commended however, that her versions contain talent, either matched or to surpassed of The Temptations, En Vogue and even The Jackson 5 - all of which made 'Who's Loving You' a crooning tune never to be forgotten.

Breaking up the trend of girl power in the first half of the album, the duo of smooth passion and soul, Sam & Dave provide the catchy, boppy tracks 'Soul Man' and 'Hold On! I'm Coming'. The two tracks definitely show listeners how many of the current artists with classical flair are inspired from legends such as Sam & Dave.

Adding to some man power, legendary rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival feature with their famous track 'Run Through The Jungle' which both sticks out yet blends in on the Soundtrack. This track lends the essence of rock of the 1960's and early 70's, which was also a dominant genre favourited all over the world.

The latter part of the Soundtrack brings the music back home, with the talent of Jessica Mauboy, Juanita Tibbens and Jade Macrae on the Country-Western harmonic ballad 'Today I Started I Loving You Again' which will bring the sense of being home to Australians brought up with this fusion of three beautiful voices on a Country-Western track.

Juanita Tippens shines on the track 'People Make The World A Better Place' which sounds of her soul poured out into the emotion of the song, which judging from The Sapphires trailer, will be Deborah Mailman's character Gail's signature song and moment on stage (in the film).

Diversity seems to be the soundtracks feature, as folk song 'Yellow Bird' is delivered by Lou Bennett and Jessica Mauboy. Such a beautiful, stripped down track, the two slow down the energy and focus on serenading listeners with their dual harmonies.

Representing the Yorta Yorta people, Mauboy, Tippens, Macrae and Bennett come together on 'Ngarra Burra Ferra' a traditional Yorta Yorta gospel song, which was Mauboy's first time singing in traditional language. This song's beauty makes you want to cry. Such a beautiful language with the harmonies to intensify the cultural beauty of the song and of Aboriginal culture. Such a highlight on the album. The last two tracks 'Shouting Out Love' and the smartly placed 'The Sweet Bye & Bye' by The Emotions and Darren Percival wrap the album up on a high with two 60's infused songs, yet different from each other.

I was particularly impressed with the Soundtrack as a whole as it had everything that the era could offer in music. Jessica Mauboy rose above the current stagnant pop trend and experimented with amazing classics and trademarked them with a refreshing taste. I am even more excited with the film and to be able to sing along (quietly of course) with the crowd at the premiere of the film August 2 in Melbourne.

The Sapphires: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out now! The film will be released on Thursday 9th August at all major cinemas.

The Sapphires: Trailer

Jessica Mauboy - Gotcha

Jessica Mauboy - I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)
Jessica Mauboy - Who's Loving You

01. Land Of A Thousand Dances Jessica Mauboy
02. I Heard It Through The Grapevine Jessica Mauboy
03. What A Man
Jessica Mauboy
04. I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) Jessica Mauboy
05. Who's Loving You Jessica Mauboy
06. I'll Take You There Jessica Mauboy
07. Gotcha Jessica Mauboy
08. Soul Man Sam & Dave
09. Hold On! I'm Comin' Sam & Dave
10. Run Through The Jungle Creedence Clearwater Revival
11. Today I Started Loving You Again Jessica Mauboy, Juanita Tippens & Jade Macrae
12. People Make The World A Better Place Juanita Tippens
13. Yellow Bird Jessica Mauboy & Lou Bennet
14. Ngarra Burra Ferra Jessica Mauboy, Lou Bennett, Juanita Tippens & Jade Macrae
15. Shouting Out Love The Emotions
16. In The Sweet Bye & Bye Darren Percival

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Friday, 25 May 2012

Lions Make You Brave.

Whilst I still have the time before next weeks’ Mid-Degree Assessment Week at University, I thought I would update my recently barren blog. I always thought I would not be consistent with updating a 'blog' but I realise that it's something that's there you can use as a form of 'release'.

It's been a hectic couple of months really; drawing on both ups and downs. Blessings have been given to me as the ratio of 'ups' to 'downs' is vastly high. There have been many opportunities, obstacles and events that have sped me through time, making the year feel like it's just begun, even though we are quickly approaching June.

The daily routine of university!
University has kept me on my toes however, as I am approaching the halfway mark of my three year degree in Community & Social Development. It is seriously going too fast. I feel as if I were at the beginning of my degree, stumbling in late after being misdirected to the Bankstown Campus worried about the beginning of my 'new life'. I have visions in my head of being the fresh 18 year old returning back to NSW after a long yet well-deserved summer holiday with my friends, clearly in no state of mind for anything else bar relaxation - on the same day of my first day of University. It feels like yesterday.

Fast forward 18 months and here I am in my 2nd year, with a whole year out of school in my back pocket and a multitude of experiences and responsibilities that increased my maturity. With these intact, I have had a pivotal breakthrough in my teenage life... All for the better, of course. 

University assessments and commitments have definitely required me to challenge myself and my personal opinions, which is what an outcome of going to university is about - forming your own opinion. I have never struggled with this - but being confronted to racist opinions against my culture and my beliefs is something I had absolutely zero experience with, which resulted from my University's well doing.

I do not want this post to be of one that holds belligerence and animosity, but I do feel like this certain 'event' has been playing a significant part on any doubt in confidence I may have had.

My university had accepted my application to be a part of their Indigenous Cadetship Program in which I had won my interview in being a Cadet at a psychology institute where there was an Indigenous Course aimed for Indigenous hopefuls in obtaining a qualification in Process Oriented Psychology ran by a woman who was also my Employer.

I had grown a liking to her and had the utmost respect for her and her qualifications in Psychology, as I would consider myself as an aspiring psychologist. My role was initially the Indigenous Coordinator but it was in a short amount of time before I was promoted to Coordinator (for all of the company).

I thought life was at its best. I had students at this workplace that adored me and those which I had prominent contact with became good friends; university was going well smooth and my position as President of the Indigenous Student Collective had become embedded with the 'high hats' of the University.

It was three months into my Cadetship to where I first was exposed to direct racism. I was organising files on the work laptop, teaching my boss of a system I had implemented to increase efficiency of the administration of the company when she said,

"Oh! You are very smart for an Aboriginal person. I am surprised."

An instant flush of shock filled me quickly as I did not to respond to what she might have thought was a compliment. It was at that moment I starting to keep a sharp ear out for any other occurrences of racism that may arise, to which it did.

Before my being in the position as the coordinator there was another young Aboriginal man who had the role. My previous boss had no hesitations to constantly put him and his previous efforts down and then disclosed a rather personal drug then prison problem this man had endured whilst in the position. My boss at the time had paid to attend an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership Conference (held by Criterion) and had not used due to his 'problems' so she expressed that I must go or my job may be at risk.

I was more than happy to attend as it was my conference that I had ever attended. I actually had been welcomed warmly from the other participants which were mostly CEO's of both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous companies. I actively asked questions and provided methods and theories to increase youth involvement with their community and things of the like. During this time of new discovery, my boss had not yet turned up and was not reachable to even find out where she was.

My ex-boss had turned up whilst there was the Elders Address which provided insight from an Aboriginal elder from the Eora Nation. She was on the phone with her friend planning her partners 50th. In the middle of a well prepared presentation she was the only in the person in the room paying respectful attention. I had quietly told her to please pay attention as the address was extremely important, especially to her employee who is Aboriginal. My efforts fell flat and I began to lose confidence in my boss and her apparent 'mission' to better the lives of Indigenous people. Though I had lost confidence in my boss at the time, I never lost respect for her or lost my dedication to my job and my students - who constantly needed the deserving support.

The worst came in exact form of what it was... the worst.

I had arranged with my lecturers to leave my class early so I could travel to my workplace as it was an important day. I had got there and immediately was into the many roles I took as the Coordinator. I had been informed from my University, who had organised my placement had informed me to get my boss to sign certain documents as she had neglected to do prior to that day. I requested my University's wishes, which were procedure and my boss told me to simply leave her alone as she does not have time for this. Even in our 10 minute debriefing meeting before work she had told me not to bring it up. 

I cared more for my commitment to university so I rang them and told them of what her reply was. The university insisted that I must get these documents signed if I wanted to receive payment and to maintain my position at that workplace as a cadet. This was delivered to me in a much understandable, positive yet serious way I must include.

I asked her again with the confidence that she did care about my being there and appreciated I took time out of my own that day to work for her. Students had started to turn up at this moment which set the scene I regret. My boss looked at me in the eye and yelled:

"Shut your fucking mouth or your career here is over!"

I was startled and very offended instantly, as were the students who heard. I thought this is not acceptable and told her I was leaving to go back to where I should have been that whole time - which was university. She instantly started shouting of being useless. My students were upset and pleaded that we sort things out as they wanted me to be there for assistance and support. I was weak yet warm at heart when I had accepted to do so.

We went into her small office space where she shut the door upon entered and locked it. I was automatically curious. Her incredibly infamous dialogue followed:

"You are absolutely disgusting! How dare you intentionally break my class apart by having them leave with you? You should know that you're fucking career is over and I will make sure of that. You have done nothing but cause me distress today and I have had enough."

It was then I decided to leave as this was not going anywhere until she blocked the door with her body, provoking any form of 'physical violence' she was hoping to endure from me. Naturally I knew better than that. I stood there pleading to let me leave as I no longer want to be in that space. She would not move, so I resorted to screaming at her as I was desperate in leaving. The students on the other side could hear everything and were awfully consumed with concern for my wellbeing, with good reason.

I stood there with my personal space and freedom abused and violated, all from a woman I had high regard for. I felt myself breaking with no power whilst still being abused for all sorts of inaccurate reasons. I started to do the very thing I promised myself not to resort to... cry. I felt akin to my people in the way they were treated by British invaders (far less of course) and I could no longer handle the abuse. I stood there, a 7 foot, 19 year old man crying; my confidence and power stolen.

I think I should no longer continue writing about my previous employment as it is a bit too negative for my friends who are reading this to witness. Before continuing you should take a break... Have a cuppa, even a shower or a toilet break as I will be moving on to the present where life is much different.

Jessica Mauboy
Stan Walker
Johnny Ruffo
On a more recreational side of things, I attended an On.Earz launch event of their earphones, which were designed by singing sensation Stan Walker. It was pleasant because at the event I got to spend time with secret friend Jessica Mauboy to where we had a good time dancing off in front of my friends who were absolutely star struck. X-Factor 2011 runner up, Johnny Ruffo had introduced himself to me and said he noticed me from another event to which I was there with Jessica.

Stan Walker had also known me since January when he and Jessica went on their ‘Galaxy Tour’ together. I met him in my hometown of Penrith where he could not believe I was 19 and the height I was. I had a great night, but my friends who I got to bring along had their lives changes – partying up with the celebrities of Australia. I got some great pictures with all involved. It was an event that I would never forget. The last thing I said coyly to Jessica before leaving was ‘Round 2 at The Deadly’s love!’

The UWS Indigenous Student Collective Logo
The UWS Indigenous Student Collective, which is the student body group I am president of, had blossomed quickly since its launch in late February. Members have been increasing weekly and were are hopefully going to continue to expand our involvement with the internal community of UWS (University of Western Sydney) and the communities that the five different campuses are a part of. (Penrith, Bankstown, Parramatta, Hawkesbury and Campbelltown). We are finally going to conduct our first official meeting where the anticipated voting of ‘Campus Leaders’ will be selected.

Members at Launch Event
Indigenous Students at UWS take pride and excitement their participation in the National Indigenous Tertiary Education Student Games which is held every year which consists of a week of sports, culture and friendship development.  Last year I had the on the team where we had travelled to Melbourne and to which I made a significant number of mates that I still heavily am in contact with today. We also performed the best UWS has had done so in a whole decade!

This year, the demand to participate has increased significantly and therefore we are seeking to take a team of 14 members this year. Nothing but difficultly we have endured as the funding in our education department cannot fund a full team to participate this year, which has required the UWS Indigenous Student Collective to take action and seek out sponsorship. We had assistance from a friend on Twitter in the construction of this letter and hope we receive some funding and also a gesture from a mate about a potential sponsorship. I will keep my blog updated with our endeavour.

As of yesterday I had received a phone call from a lady from UNICEF to inform me that I have been appointed to being an Australian Youth Ambassador. I was absolutely shocked and excited at the same time, as I had not expected in gaining this opportunity. This is another part of my life that is just beginning and I anticipate every moment of this journey with UNICEF.

The opportunity would not have even existed if it was not for the strong referral from my mate who had seemed to really set a great impression with them about me. I was also pleased to hear that my referral of another mate of mine also was selected! Congratulations Shaarn!

I take a long stare at my life, hoping to do my best in whatever I do and to make sure I am happy whilst I breathe. I will strive for every opportunity that may come my way and to those that I seek out. I have the most loyal, solicitous family and friends which continue to give me unconditional love which stabilises my mind, body, heart and soul. I will try to thank them every day in any way I can.

The extensive support I have received from my Twitter followers has been ENORMOUS! It’s an amazing feeling to log onto a community accessed by millions, to have a family that you can talk to about absolutely anything and have a laugh or moan about current events and affairs.

This post has definitely been random in the sense that there is no clear direction but I want to leave you all with what I have learnt, in metaphoric form which has been supplied by my favourite artist, LIGHTS. It has also become one of my favourite quotes and I have been using frequently as of late. Here it is:

Lions make you brave,
Giants give you faith,
Death is a charade.
You don’t have to feel safe to feel unafraid. 

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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Australian Pop in 2012

I find it extremely bizarre that I haven't written about music, which is what I'm always obsessed with so I decided to put our girls of pop under the scope today. For 2012, we are already going into the end of the first trimester of the year and pop music has dramatically changed.

In Australia, there are 3 well known ladies that are ready to explode the pop scene with their new music efforts. The once abundant Australian pop scene is now filled with a diverse selection of euphoric pop mediums. I give you Ricki-Lee Coulter, Jessica Mauboy & Delta Goodrem.

Ricki-Lee has just been on some fantastic adrenaline rush, with a complete revamping of her image and sound. She officially had her 'comeback' in the later months of 2011 with 'Raining Diamonds' and now busting into 2012 with her new single 'Do It Like That'. Ricki-Lee certainly is deemed as an Australian treasure, which international success just beckons at her call. She is not an answer to any current pop-star but a calling for herself.

'Do It Like That' is yet to storm the charts, as promotion for this poptastic song is all happening this month. The ballistic, infectious song is accompanied by a fantastic video with loads of extras and an simple yet effective dance routine that will have all the girls and boys imitating. I'm excited to hear some more of Ricki-Lee this year as I was very disappointed that her 2009 album with the singles 'Don't Miss You' and 'Hear No, See No, Speak No' was unfortunately not released.

I'm very excited to be writing about the return of our Australian sweetheart, Delta Goodrem. Since her debut in 2002 with 'I Don't Care', then being 'Nina' on Neighbours then blasting us all away with 'Born To Try' and EVERYTHING she did after that, her fans have all 'grown up' with her as her career has flourished.

Personal life aside, it has been FIVE years since Delta's last release, which nowadays is pretty much 20 years considering how the industry has changed. But luckily she is BACK with new single 'Sitting On Top Of The World'

It's a very catchy, current pop track that creates euphoria with every listen. It's incredibly uplifting and has a sense of endearment which feels like Delta has never left us for 5 years, yet just waking up from a long beauty sleep to which Delta has flourished in as well. She graces into her age with a refreshing demure fashion sense which proves that she's still Australia's best top role model.

Alongside her comeback, Delta is returning to television as a judge for Nine's new talent show 'The Voice' - which is famous in the US for reinvigorating Christina Aguilera's career. On the Voice, we will see Delta mentor some pop star hopefuls to become the next 'Voice'.

One songstress who has been making Australia proud is the beautiful Jessica Mauboy. I feel somewhat biased when I write about Jessica because of personal relations but I must insist that I write from a completely objective view. Now, Jessica is a rare quality in the modern music industry as she remains completely humble and sincere to her people.

Jessica is of Aboriginal and Indonesian descent to which without hassle, she has a cultural responsibility. She has a cultural awareness that makes Jessica seem like she's not a famous pop star, but your mate that you could find at any BBQ, knocking the froth off a few stubbies out the back.

She is one of the few Australian pop singers in the past couple of years who has not left a void in the market, constantly releasing her amazing singles gaining new fans with each one. Despite what some would call an 'embarrassing' comeback single with US rapper Snoop Dogg, 'Get 'Em Girls' (also releasing the album of the same name), she has continued to charm Australia with her recent singles 'Inescapable' and the inevitable collaboration with fellow Sony partner Stan Walker, 'Galaxy'.

Jessica will make an incredible comeback in the next couple of months with her new movie starring alongside Deborah Mailman in 'The Sapphires', about an Indigenous girl group to which Jessica will play one of the group members. This film is certainly anticipated among Australian pop culture as well as Indigenous communities.

Finally, Jessica has exclusively stated that she has a 'comeback single' coming in May which will enlighten all fans who are eagerly waiting Jessica's next move.

So there you have it, a comforting assurance that pop in Australia will continue and remain ignited as we wade into the 'last year on earth'.
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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

'Feathers of Our Nation'

I've recently been listening to a song from a UK-based artist by the name of Siobhán Donaghy. It's called 'Iodine' and the song's theme is of the historical use of Iodine and the utilisation of it through warfare. The song is intricately written and underlies some very emotive themes. It's written by Donaghy herself, alongside songwriters, Cameron McVey and Paul Simm for her first album "Revolution in Me", in 2003.

I found this song, specially the chorus very akin to what Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have experienced during the 1770's. I then subconsciously heard the lyrics in form of relation to my people and have decided to write them down. Since documenting my subconscious lyrics, I have been only hearing the song into what I made it into - that's the beauty of music; expression of self is limitless and provides avenues of expression for all.

Here are the lyrics I have amended from the original, and the actual audio of Siobhan Donaghy's 'Iodine':

Feathers Of Our Nation

Hurling ourselves down to the depths
Back since the day where we began
'cause time made us set and memories crept
So now there's political debt

There is no left wing
To fight the right wing

We're like turkeys in a box
Feathers of our nation all plucked off
And we're all ready for Christmas Day
Here's the paradox
We're like presents all wrapped up
And you can’t wait to steal our culture away

A sad full black face, all over the place
The lower you stoop, the less the disgrace
You use all your charms to take us from home
Leaving nothing but space where we once shone.

Like lambs to the slaughter
Stole all our daughters

We're like turkeys in a box
Feathers of our nation all plucked off
And we're all ready for Christmas Day
Here's the paradox
We're like presents all wrapped up
And you can’t wait to steal our culture away

We faced the brunt of your ‘love’
Like the curve that won't heal up
You know;

We're like turkeys in a box
Feathers of our nation all plucked off
And we're all ready for Christmas Day
Here's the paradox
We're like presents all wrapped up
And you can’t wait to steal our culture away

We're like turkeys in a box
Feathers of our nation all plucked off
And we're all ready for Christmas Day
Here's the paradox
We're like presents all wrapped up
And you can’t wait to steal our culture away

Siobhán Donaghy's 'Iodine'

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Close The Gap Day

Happy 'Close The Gap' Day!

Today marks another year of the Australian nation creating equality and peace among all Australians with their CTG implementation. I believe that CTG is beneficial but it needs to be operating at much higher capacities as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people do have the worst health conditions in the world.

Unfortunately, I will be at uni all day therefore I won't be able to make it to a CTG celebration in my local area. Darn!

I hope everyone enjoys this day, which is a mark in Australian history and justice.
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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

L? O? V? E?

The most coveted life-experience...

Some people believe we’re put on this earth to find a soulmate, someone to cling to forever. Some feel it’s all about money and prestige. But it’s mostly yet set to believe that the purpose of life is to find that ubiquitious feeling that is ever so universal; Love.
Only very few people feel the real meaning of love. There are so many connotations of what love really is. Love for another soul, to be intertwined with; Love for a friend, appreciative of another ones soul; Love for family, the souls that mirror ourselves.

With every aspect of what love is, there is always the inevitable emotional connection. Some choose to dedicate all their emotional and physical energy into what could result in the feeling of love.

You see
 millions of teenagers and adults going through the motions of ups and downs all because they try to find love. Songs, books, movies are made over this emotional notion. Now you see the importance of love in ones existence.

I understand that love is left for an
ambiguous nature; allowing individuals to feel 'what they feel'. I understand love is not just between a man and a woman, but I can never quite grasp of the outcomes that makes all the pain, work and sacrifice worth enduring.

I'll admit, I have been in love and it was the most beautiful thing. From another perspective, I lost focus of who I was to myself and what I had always wanted to do. This could be blamed that perhaps I wasn't 'strong' enough to be emotionally independent and belong to another heart, but I don't think I saw these things because I was blinded by the love I was experience.

But I sit here and wonder to be honest…
Is it really worth it? Is love SO amazing that we allow it to be detrimental for everything else in life?

Better yet,What is love?
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Hello to all that will be reading my blog in times to come.
Me at the 2011 Deadly Awards
My name is Blake Tatafu, but I usually have spelt it as Blayke - with the additional 'Y'.
I have started this blog as a 'digital focus point' where I simply write down my thoughts and theories on certain issues that are at Australia's consumption.
I am an Aboriginal and Tongan-Hawaiian boy/man. My mother's family (Smith) are from Trangi (Wiradjuri) and Kempsy (Daingatti) and Dads heritage comes from the Polynesian Island's of Tonga and Hawaii. I am proud of my culture and of my people of it.
My personal motto is: "Aspire to Inspire". This came about compliments recieved for successes that I have experienced. I then thought, Why can't everyone do this/that? So I aim to be an inspiration to my people out there.
Me and friend, Jessica Mauboy
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Community & Social Development at University of Western Sydney (UWS). I plan to pick up another degree in the area of Psychology; which learnt through recent times, is my passion for learning.
At UWS I am the president of the Indigenous Student Collective; a student-operated union that advocates for Indigenous students at UWS, which I had established last year (2011). I am also an Indigenous Mentor, where I visit High Schools in Western Sydney to be able to mentor Indigenous students with their life and the obstacles/successes that come with being a teenager.
I have been enthralled by music since I was young enough to remember. I love all genres and currently am fascinated by the Korean Music Industry, they really are the full package of what being a 'Pop Idol' is all about. I also really love New Age music, like Zen music, Enya etc.
My posts will vary from subject to subject but I will try to be as concise as possible.
Thanks for reading this much, please anticipate further posts!

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