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Lions Make You Brave.

Whilst I still have the time before next weeks’Mid-Degree Assessment Week at University, I thought I would update my recently barren blog. I always thought I would not be consistent with updating a 'blog' but I realise that it's something that'sthere you can use as a form of 'release'.
It's been a hectic couple of months really; drawing on both ups and downs. Blessings have been given to me as the ratio of 'ups' to 'downs' is vastly high. There have been many opportunities, obstacles and events that have sped me through time, making the year feel like it's just begun, even though we are quickly approaching June.
University has kept me on my toes however, as I am approaching the halfway mark of my three year degree inCommunity & Social Development. It is seriously goingtoo fast. I feel as if I were at the beginning of my degree, stumbling in late after being misdirected to the Bankstown Campus worried about the beginning of my 'new …