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'Feathers of Our Nation'

I've recently been listening to a song from a UK-based artist by the name of Siobhán Donaghy. It's called 'Iodine' and the song's theme is of the historical use of Iodine and the utilisation of it through warfare. The song is intricately written and underlies some very emotive themes. It's written by Donaghy herself, alongside songwriters, Cameron McVey and Paul Simm for her first album "Revolution in Me", in 2003.

I found this song, specially the chorus very akin to what Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have experienced during the 1770's. I then subconsciously heard the lyrics in form of relation to my people and have decided to write them down. Since documenting my subconscious lyrics, I have been only hearing the song into what I made it into - that's the beauty of music;expression of self is limitless and provides avenues of expression for all.

Here are the lyrics I have amended from the original, and the actual audio of Siobhan …

Close The Gap Day

Happy 'Close The Gap' Day!

Today marks another year of the Australian nation creating equality and peace among all Australians with their CTG implementation. I believe that CTG is beneficial but it needs to be operating at much higher capacities as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people do have the worst health conditions in the world.

Unfortunately, I will be at uni all day therefore I won't be able to make it to a CTG celebration in my local area. Darn!

I hope everyone enjoys this day, which is a mark in Australian history and justice.

L? O? V? E?

The most coveted life-experience...

Some people believe we’re put on this earth to find a soulmate, someone to cling to forever. Some feel it’s all about money and prestige. But it’s mostly yet set to believe that the purpose of life is to find that ubiquitious feeling that is ever so universal; Love.
Only very few people feel the real meaning of love. There are so many connotations of what love really is. Love for another soul, to be intertwined with; Love for a friend, appreciative of another ones soul; Love for family, the souls that mirror ourselves.
With every aspect of what love is, there is always the inevitable emotional connection. Some choose to dedicate all their emotional and physical energy into what could result in the feeling of love.
You seemillionsof teenagers and adults going through the motions of ups and downs all because they try to find love. Songs, books, movies are made over this emotional notion. Now you see the importance of love in ones existence.

I understand th…


Hello to all that will be reading my blog in times to come.
My name is Blake Tatafu, but I usually have spelt it as Blayke - with the additional 'Y'.
I have started this blog as a 'digital focus point' where I simply write down my thoughts and theories on certain issues that are at Australia's consumption.
I am an Aboriginal and Tongan-Hawaiian boy/man. My mother's family (Smith) are from Trangi (Wiradjuri) and Kempsy (Daingatti) and Dads heritage comes from the Polynesian Island's of Tonga and Hawaii. I am proud of my culture and of my people of it.
My personal motto is: "Aspire to Inspire". This came about compliments recieved for successes that I have experienced. I then thought, Why can't everyone do this/that? So I aim to be an inspiration to my people out there.
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Community & Social Development at University of Western Sydney (UWS). I plan to pick up another degree in the area of Psychology; which learn…